Annual Dinner and AGM

Join us for an unforgettable evening of Tibetan food, singing and AGMs.

Please RSVP:

Date: Thursday 23 February, 2012

Time: 7:00PM

Price: RMB 200

Pay on the night. But let us know if you RSVP, then change your mind.

Guests: OK



No.12, Lane 248 Taikang Lu

Tel: 6445 5618

More info: SmartShanghai

More info: dianping


热菜 Hot Dishes
  • 草原生烤羊排 Roast ribs of highland lamb
  • 扎西德勒 Tashidelek (Yak meet, Bone marrow )
  • 牦牛肉酿茄子 Stuffed eggplant with yak meat in brown sauce
  • 酥口羊肉 Deep fried mutton with potato
  • 麻花回锅肉 Double sautéed pork with twisted dough
  • 野生柳花菜炒鸡蛋 Fried egg with wild vegetables
  • 藏式土豆片 Tibetan style sautéed potato
  • 康巴牛柳 Kampa Fried beef filet
  • 清炒青菜 Stir-fried vegetables
  • 长豆角爆茄子 Sauteed long bean and eggplant
  • 百合花蕾人生果 Lily buds with wild ginseng
冷菜 Cold Dishes
  • 美味鹿角菜 Boild edible Tibetan herbs
  • 酸辣蕨根粉 Sour spicy Tibetan noodle
  • 手撕牦牛肉 Hand shredded slices of cold yak meat
  • 尼泊尔口水鸡 Nepal steamed chicken
  • 凉拌酸萝卜Pickled Radish Slices
  • 藏式萝卜羊肉汤 Beef and radish soup
Noodle & Pie
  • 安多面片 Amdo pasta in soup
  • 阿萨肉饼 Tibetan Mutton pie
  • 红酒 Red Wine
  • 干白 White Wine
  • 酥油茶 Tibetan buttered tea
  • 青稞恋人 Barley wine


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