Annual Dinner and AGM

Join us for a Shanghai feast!

Please RSVP:

Date: Wednesday 23 January, 2013

Time: 7:00PM

Price: RMB 200

Pay on the night. But let us know if you RSVP, then change your mind.

Guests: OK


Shanghai Lake Garden Restaurant

2nd Floor, Huaihai Road No. 923
near Shaanxi Road South
next to Starbucks
opposite Parkson

Tel: 6472 9729

More info: dianping


开胃菜 Appetizers
  • 有机黄瓜 Organic Cucumber
  • 四喜烤夫 Sixi Baked Bran
  • 三巴酱翠笋 Three eight butter jade bamboo shoots
  • 鸡汁百叶包 Chicken juice venetian package
  • 糖醋排骨 Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs
主餐 Main Course
  • 苏北草母鸡 Steamed chicken
  • 阿婆红烧肉 Braised pork in brown sauce
  • 金汤煮肥牛 Pickled beef
  • 手打鱼丸煮干丝 Fish cake & bean curd
  • 剁椒鮰鱼翅 Spicy fish
  • 串烧海中虾 Salted baked prawns
  • 宫爆鸡丁 ‘Kungpao’ Chicken
  • 自制鲍汁豆腐 Braised tofu in abalone sauce
  • 京葱肉丝夹饼 Beijing onion pork burgers
  • 上汤黑木耳 Black Wood Ear in Soup
  • 三巴酱四季豆 Green Beans in ‘Sanba’ Sauce
  • 雪菜炒嫩笋 Fried tender bamboo shoots
  • 炒广东菜心 Sauteed Choi Sum
  • 蕃茄土豆小排汤 Tomato, Potato and Rib Soup
  • 海鲜酸辣汤 Seafood Hot and Sour Soup
  • 小笼包 ‘Xiaolong’ Dumplings
  • 宫廷核桃酥 Imperial Court Walnut Cake
  • 水果 Fruit
  • 葡萄酒(红/白), 啤酒(青岛/百威)
  • 饮料(7启/百事可乐/王老吉), 果汁(雪梨/西瓜)
  • Wine (Red/White), Beer (Tsingtao/Budweiser)
  • Soft Drinks (7 Up/Pepsi/Wanglaoji), Fruit Juice (Pear/Watermelon)


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